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Rosalind Foley
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In the Zone

by Rosalind Foley on 11/13/15

When my daughter cooks, she dances. Her hands make a symphony out of chopping, peeling, squeezing, stirring. Her hands take flight.

Clare and her husband met while training at a culinary institute in Florida. Unfortunately, carpal tunnel forced Clare to give up any thought of a professional career. It limits what she can do at home as well, but nevertheless, cooking is her happy place.

Writing is mine. In the moment it is to enter another universe, to be outside one's ordinary self. Time is suspended, so intense is the concentration on the work. I remember once coming to and realizing to my surprise that the sun was going down.

Athletes speak of "getting in the zone." I imagine the feeling is similar. It is when we feel most alive, using all our gifts and senses.

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