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A Thousand Words

by Rosalind Foley on 02/26/16

A photographer named Brandon Stanton got the idea of taking his camera to the various boroughs of New York City and getting pictures of the local inhabitants.  He put a collection of them together in a charming book called Humans of New York, writing a squib for some, noting the location of others. For some photographs he included the conversation that went on with its subject/s.

There's the fluffy-white bearded old man who said, "I look like God, don't I?" and the woman whose beads in her corn- rowed hair spell out words like wisdom and faith.  There are wonderful pictures of children at play, teenagers 'hanging out' and street performers of all kinds.

One turbaned fellow dressed completely in red declared himself to be "The Sultan of Wisconsin."  Wisconsin? A woman seen at the Waldorf Astoria is the epitome of elegance. And, as you might expect today, lots of tattoos are on show.

If you haven't seen Stanton's book, treat yourself. He also has a popular blog, and I understand he's recently been photographing overseas, putting faces to the plight of refugees.  It's good to be reminded that we're all human.


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